We've found that being "right sized" requires capabilities for both large and small exhibit needs. Typically when some companies attempt this, a portion of their offerings suffers. The large-exhibit companies have trouble with appropriate small booth solutions for their clients. Conversely, the small-exhibit companies stumble with implementation of larger floor plans. XIBITMAX has spent considerable human capital testing, refining and crafting solutions that work very well for a wide array of exhibiting needs. We have vetted providers, materials, technologies so you don't have to "test" anything. By using XIBITMAX, you can be assured that materials will work, look great and our execution will alleviate any worry, so you can concentrate on the many other tasks on your plate. An overview of our main capabilities and processes is below:
RENTAL Services

Rental Exhibits

XIBITMAX is the thought-leader in the exhibit rental space. See many of our examples of our rental designs at

  • Custom Designs
  • Complete Turnkey Implementation
  • Expert Installation
CUSTOM Services

Custom Exhibits

Award Winning Designers, well thought out exhibit programs, all with value pricing - how can you go wrong!

  • Fantastic Designs
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Full Service Implementation

Portable/Pop-Up Displays

We vigorously test and vett all our portable and pop up displays for ease of use and quality. Find all of our displays here at

  • The Latest Pop-Up Display Tech
  • Hybrid Exhibits
  • Banner Stands and Accessories


We are built to completely and easily manage practically every facet of your exhibit program. Call us today to see how we can fulfill your needs.

  • Installation and Dismantle
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Full Cloud-based Inventory Management


Step 1 Discovery

The Discovery process begins with client interviews. Broad branding and strategy are discussed, starting with definition of the project scope, strategic expectations, and how the trade show program fits in to the companies overall marketing goals. We will then move to discussions of booth "experience" and traffic flow, answering the question "What do you want your attendee thinking as the walk away from the exhibit?". Finally, tactical needs are discussed related to the functionality of the exhibit. Demo Station quantity/purpose, Hospitality, Meeting Space, Storage and more are outlined. Finishing, of course, with budget, the most important determinant of the design process.

Step 2 Design/Engineering

After the Discovery stage, we take this information, add our due diligence and begin crafting your exhibit design. Depending on budget and scope, you may see several options. We attempt to balance materials and structure with budget and your exhibit needs from both a marketing and tactical standpoint. The results are, what many of our clients say, the most sophisticated designs for the dollar found anywhere in the exhibit industry.

Step 3 Estimation/Approval

In a parallel track with design, we begin the engineering and estimation process. We use our best practices and bevy of industry contacts to formulate best-in-breed solutions from manufacturing to logistics and long-term use of your exhibit. Costs are always considered, but never for the sake of quality. Once the design is finalized, the design deck, project estimate and screen cast presentation are submitted for client approval. A feedback meeting is desired, with approvals and/or changes communicated, and once approvals are obtained, production begins.

Step 4 Graphic Design

Based on all approved drawings, a graphic element list and element supplement packet is generated. This provides the client with all dimensions of graphics as well as a location plan-o-gram of the graphic elements. In 90% of the cases, our clients have their own internal designer or an agency then design the graphics per these specifications. Once graphics designs are received and pre-flighted by our production experts, graphic printing can begin.

Step 5 Production

Our skilled team of Project Managers swiftly and expertly move your project through the production process. Any of our projects require the coordination of anywhere from 5 to 25 vendor partners and suppliers, as well as managing production and test fitting in-house. It is a large task that requires the experience and expertise of our fine staff. Our team manages several of these projects per month, and are some of the finest and most skilled individuals here in the industry.

Step 6 Installation

We have a network of expert Installation and Dismantle experts that we can dispatch at a moments notice, if needed in the 15 largest trade show markets in the country. On site, you'll have supervision that is dedicated (not a supervisor that is overseeing 15 different booths), by a person who has been directly involved in your project. Why all the attention? This is to insure quality that you won't experience with other providers.

Step 7 Show Dates!

By this point, our clients are typically basking in the accolades of their bosses and coworkers. We do everything necessary to make sure that your booth is in perfect shape and you are relaxed. If you want this result - call us today at 1-800-910-5870!

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